Los Lavaderos (old washing place)

Los Lavaderos is an enclave in the area known as Caré which is reached via a paved path that leads on to the old Camino Real (Royal Highway) that runs from Arona to Vilaflor (present-day calle San Antonio).

Los Lavaderos is a construction that dates back to the end of the 19th century, consisting of a circular tank that is supplied water via two outlets, the curb of which was used as a sink for washing clothes as a result of its concave form. The water was redirected from the subterranean water sources of La Vica, Madre del Medio and El Cuervo (Vilaflor). The Lavaderos was used as a washing area up until the 1950's.

The value of Los Lavaderos as an asset can not be over estimated, given the role it played in enabling exploitation of the limited and scarce water resources existing within the municipality of Arona. Los Lavaderos facilitated the development of agricultural activities and supplied the population with water for daily use.