The boundaries of Arona

  • Towards the south: the municipality borders on Punta Salema
  • Towards the west: passing along the Barranco del Rey, which descends to limit with Adeje, dividing the locality of Playa de Las Américas in two.
  • Towards the east: the town borders with the municipality of San Miguel
  • Towards the north: the municipality borders on Vilaflor

The unique orography of Tenerife affords the island a wide variety of flora and fauna as a result of the diversity of its ecosystems. The southern area of the island is predominated by semi-desert areas, low-lying rocky coastlines and sandy beaches. Evidence of the volcanic origins of the island can be found in Arona, where attention should be drawn to a series of volcanic domes formed by lavas that were rich in silica: the rock formations referred to as Jama, Vento, Montaña Chijate and Malpaso or the protruding dome of the Montaña de Guaza. Given that Arona is predominated by arid soils, efforts have been made to ensure that newly constructed tourist areas are afforded green areas.